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The firm of Britton G. Swank, P.A. is dedicated to guiding you in the right direction to help you provide for yourself and your loved ones no matter what the future holds. Browse through our articles related to various Elder Law topics.

Protect Your Children with Florida Estate Planning

When it comes to your children, you can never be too prepared or plan too far in advance for their future. That same principle applies to estate planning. Preparing for your minor children’s care in the event of your death is a necessary part of being a great parent....

Do You Have a Florida Durable Power of Attorney?

In our practice, we work diligently to address your individual needs, ensuring that you and your loved ones are taken care of well into the future. Inevitably, unexpected circumstances arise that are not planned for. Have you ever thought about what would happen if...

Do You Have a Living Will?

When it comes to your estate planning, who do you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to make them for yourself? How do you choose the right decision maker for you? What type of end-of-life care do you wish to receive? How long would...

How to Provide Care for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s easier said than done, but caring for someone with Alzheimer’s starts with understanding your role as a caregiver. We understand the challenges you face and want to work with you to develop the right long-term care plan for you. Do not hesitate to contact our office to schedule an a

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Do you need help with an Elder Law topic?

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The firm of Britton G. Swank, P.A. is skilled at providing legal assistance to older adults and people of all ages preparing for the future.

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