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Placing your aging parent in a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions to make as an adult. If your loved one, however, is unable to safely live alone, it may be time to start looking at facilities to find the right one for his or her needs. We know that trusting someone else with your aging parents’ care is not easy. This is why we want to share a few tips for what to look for in a skilled nursing home for your parent.

How do the residents spend their days?

Your aging parent will spend most of his or her time at their nursing home, so it is important to make sure that their days will be filled with activities. A quality nursing home will have options for daily activities in which your parent can participate. Even if your parent is medically confined to his or her room, the nursing home staff should bring activities to them. You may want to consider another nursing home if you notice that the residents are mostly room-bound and alone.

How does the staff interact with one another and the residents?

If you notice that the staff does not interact well with other staff members, it is likely they will treat your parent the same way. Take note of whether the staff is taking the time to sit down and talk or play games with the residents. If the staff is conversing with one another and the residents are unattended and looking bored, this may be a warning sign of how your parent could be treated as a resident of that facility.

What do the facilities look like?

The nursing facility is essentially your parent’s home, and it should be kept clean and tidy as such. It should also be a welcoming and comforting environment for your loved one. Listen to the sounds and be aware of the smells of the facility. If, for example, the facility smells badly of urine, this may indicate that it is not being cleaned as often as it should. Also, take note of the music that is playing in the facility. If hard rock or electronic dance music is being played over the speakers, for example, this could be a sign that the staff is not allowing the residents to listen to the type of music they enjoy.

We know that finding the right nursing home for your aging parent can be overwhelming. These are just a few things to consider during your search. If you are in need of further advice or if you have questions about any of this, do not wait to contact our office and let us know.