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Countless men and women have served in the U.S. armed forces for the benefit of others, and often `in ways that the rest of us will never know. A sincere “thank you” can go a long way toward acknowledging their sacrifice. There are plenty of ways for you to be able to express gratitude and they do not have to involve writing a check. In our firm, we know the value of being there to support older wartime veterans and their families who need assistance obtaining valuable VA Pension benefits.

Donating money to a veterans charity may be more than many family budgets can afford, but giving your time and effort will not cost you a thing. Further, it will not just help a veteran, but, it can benefit you, as well, when you help others. This Veterans Day, let us share five ways that you can help veterans right here in our local community.


  1. Volunteer. Volunteering to assist veterans will not cost you a penny. It only takes a commitment and a little bit of time. You may not realize it, but there are probably many service options and needs to fill in your area. For example, the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, nursing homes and clinics need volunteers to perform a wide range of duties. The Disabled American Veterans organization also has a Local Veterans Assistance Program that can help place you.


  1. Send a Care Package. It can take very little to make a big impact on a former service member. Sending a care package is one way.  Consider signing up through “Operation Gratitude,” which has sent more than 2.1 million individually addressed care packages to veterans, wounded warriors and their caregivers, and active duty military members.


  1. Give a Vet a Ride. Unfortunately, there are many injured veterans who are not able to drive, many of them seniors in our local community. Consider helping veterans by driving them, whether it is for a grocery run or a medical visit. A good place to get started is by contacting the group, Disabled American Veterans in our local community.


  1. Donate Your Frequent Flyer Miles. If you travel a lot for work or pleasure, or even a little, consider signing up for a frequent flyer program and donating the accrued miles to a veterans charity. Your miles can be converted to help veterans and their family members travel for serious health care needs.


  1. Share a Veteran’s Story. The Library of Congress collects stories from veterans who served in foreign combat. If you are related to a combat vet, or if you know a veteran, consider helping them tell their story for the benefit of future generations.

Just a small amount of your time can help the veterans around you. Remember, we are here as an elder law resource for the Older American veterans you know who may need help obtaining the valuable VA Pension benefit. Do not wait to contact our office to schedule a meeting today.